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7 Tips to Help Keep Your Garden Weed Free

7 Tips to Help Keep Your Garden Weed Free

7 Tips to Help Keep Your Garden Weed Free

Weed Fever!

The Easter rains are finally arriving and bought some welcome relief to Perth. The temperature has dropped and it is nice to see some of that wet stuff falling from the sky! But the rains and cooler temperatures are the perfect combination for weed germination. Listed below are our top 7 tips to help keep your garden weed free this Autumn.

1) Let Sleeping Weeds Lie

Every inch of your garden contains dormant weed seeds but only the seeds within the top 10cms of soil receive enough light to germinate. Bear this in mind when you are disturbing the soil in your garden. Imagine there are weed seeds everywhere ready to sprout. When you have to disturb the soil make sure you only disturb what is necessary and cover these areas with mulch after planting to minimise weed growth.

2) Mulch, Mulch & more Mulch

Whenever there is soil exposed to light, weeds are able to germinate. Not only does mulching help keep moisture in the soil but also deprives weed seeds of light, making it harder to germinate. Ensure that you buy good quality mulch from a reputable supplier as poor quality mulch can actually bring in more of those nasty weed seeds. Timber mulch is a great, cost effective option but bear in mind termites love it!

3) Weed When The Weeding’s Good

If you are hand weeding small areas, try to pick your timing. If you can get outside shortly after rain, weeds will be a lot softer to pull out of soil that is moist and soft. It also is easier to ensure the entire root system of the plant is removed, not just the top. Just remember to take a crate or small tarp to sit on to avoid a wet bottom!

4) Off With Their Heads!

If you are were unable to get on top of your weeds, try to cut of the seed heads. This can help reduce the amount of seed spread. Cutting back the top of perennial weeds forces them to use up there food supply and exhausts their supply of root buds limiting their spread.

5) Mind The Gap

When planting in garden beds, the smaller gap you have between plants, the harder it is for weeds to get established. Try to plant closely together, where possible and make use of attractive ground covers.

6) Water The Plants You Want, Not The Weeds You Have Got

Weeds, like all plants, need water to thrive. In garden beds, make use of drip feeders and localised reticulation so that only the plants you want to be watered get looked after. Not only is this an effective method for limiting weed growth, it also saves water!

7) Call A Professional

Sometimes, a job can just be too big or we can just be too time poor. A professional weed spraying company like ourselves can help with all your weed problems, to suit every budget. We also offer specialised couch spraying & lawn services to rid your lawn of flat weeds like bindii as well as our general weed treatments.

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By following these simple tips, you can keep your garden looking fantastic and have time to sit back and smell the roses.

Weed Fever is 7 tips to help keep your garden in Perth weed free