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Weed Control – Perth’s Weed Spraying Experts

Envirapest have provided Perth and all its surrounding suburbs with weed control solutions for over 16 years. From small domestic lawns and garden beds.  Driveways & commercial sites. Hobby farms & rural properties. Bushland & natural areas. Sports ovals, schools, parks and government reserves. Nothing really is too big or too small. The company’s owner and director has over 21 years of weed control experience. Mark carries a passion for environmental weed spraying and sustainable land management practices. He has lectured on behalf South Metro Tafe on the practices of applying and handling pesticides safely, and holds his Certificate IV in Conservation & Land Management.

The War. Weed Contractors & The Line in The Sand.

Envirapest specialise in a lot of different areas of weed control. Put simply, we have to. There’s thousands of different weed species attacking us from the ground up every day. Some are native species and garden escapees that have gone rouge.  Most have hitched a ride from international lands abroad and pitched their tents without permission. The impact weeds have on our agricultural industries alone annually – from control costs to production loss, is measured in billions – not millions. Although it’s hard for experts to put an exact figure on each year, in one way or another we all suffer a little bit from weeds at the cash register when we shell out our hard earned $$$ on produce.

The Nut & Bolts. What We Are Good At – What Some Are Not.

We get our kicks from turf, lawn and pasture weed management – but we also do the simple stuff too. The difference between a qualified, fully insured and experienced contractor like Envirapest and an uninsured punter off Gumtree (or the like) with a clapped out dual cab Triton and a hand sprayer stolen off a Perth curb-side pickup is dramatic. Does it not make sense that risking your family or pets safety over a few $$ is just a little bit… stupid? We are talking about the safe application of pesticides here. So maybe leave the hard bartering to a Bali made Bintang singlet and not a professional weed spraying contractor, Envirapest or any other insured expert.

What We Can Do For You.
Lawns – Paddock Pasture & Turf Weeds

We safely treat weeds in all types of pastures grasses and turf, including buffalo lawns. The Envirapest team can eradicate all flat and broadleaf weeds. This includes Bindii, Dandelion, Oxalis, Cape Weed, Cape Tulip, Paterson’s Curse & Clover to name a just a few. We also have very specialised treatments for Onion Weed, Guildford Grass-Onion Grass, Nut Grass, Crab Grass & Winter Grass.

Garden Beds – Commercial Sites

We offer weed control packages to maintain all your home or commercial sites garden beds, paved areas, fence lines, driveways and storage areas. We can even selectively treat couch grass growing throughout your garden plants. Our amazing product can treat it without damaging them in the slightest. Pretty cool, huh? Yep.

Hobby Farms & Semi Rural

Shhh..  You’re our favourites. Got 1 acre or 50? & don’t know where to start right? We do. We can implement a weed management plan. These plans can suit any budget and get your castle back on track. We’ve got the gear to back us up to – large booms for large areas, ATVs set up for the rough stuff & retractable remote-controlled hose reels to get over the terrain fast, real fast. We spray the Paddocks, Firebreaks, Arenas, Round Yards, Fence Lines, Lay Down Areas – The lot. Touch base for a free walk over and weed assessment and let’s get a plan.

Environmental & Natural Areas

Not everyone gets to see the beautiful sites we work on but that’s because our bush land, coast land & wet land experience & reputation for quality and care has been earned. We are often called in for specialised weed management on conservation sites of national & state significance. WA is well known worldwide for its spectacular wildflowers, but sometimes a lot of weed control work goes on behind the scenes to keep us up top. Envirapest are always happy to provide references to any organisation, friends groups or government body who may require our specialised expertise with an upcoming venture or re-vegetation project.

Weed Control

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Weed Control | Envirapest
Weed Control | Envirapest