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Perth Ant Control

Keeping Ants Out of Your Pants..

Tough little buggers & no matter how clean your home or office is – sometimes ants simply, find a way. At some point living in Perth, ant control will find its way to the top of your to do/kill list. Whether you’ve watched them slowly take over the driveway pavers or been greeted each morning by them in the bathroom or kitchen – you’ve had enough. You’ve tried the classic Ant-Rid, cleared out the local hardware for every type ant granule on the shelf – and yet they laugh. They don’t run this world for nothing. In fact, they out number us mere humans 1M to 1. So I think we’ve got our work cut out on this one.

Inside The Enemy.

Like all ants, Perth ants are highly developed social insects who live together in large colonies – sometimes, for fun, they pick annoying places – like your kitchen. Ants are active throughout the year, but mainly in summer and especially after one of Perth’s classic summer rains. We have several different ant species in Perth including – coastal brown ants, sugar ants, white footed house ants & meat ants to name just a few. Some species feed on sugar, this is why you can find them eating the honey jar & some are protein feeders, so you can find them eating out ‘mittens’ pet bowl for lunch. Some ants travel in army like march lines up the wall and others spread over a bench top like bread crumbs thrown from the roof. It’s therefore important to know your enemy before you choose your ant weapons carefully.

Winning The Battle. 

Envirapest provide Perth ant control procedures targeted to each home or businesses specific needs. Because we know ants – we know them well. Each service call we attend has its differences. The type of treatment we apply always depends on the species of ant that you have. We use a variety of different products including odourless, water based liquids & granules that eliminate the colony entirely! Not just move them next door. We also have specific ant gels that are discreet & highly effective – in fact we have plenty of professional products up our sleeve to suit every need. Envirapest have developed a method & approach that’s unique to our company. We cant tell you all our secrets online – obviously, but lets just say – Perth ant control is in safe hands.

Money Where Our Mouth Is.

At home here in Perth ant control is not for every company. But it is for us.  Envirapest are more than happy to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee every ant treatment we provide because we’ve learnt a thing or two about treating Perth’s ants. Envirapest’s technicians are the highest trained around & up to date with the latest & safest products on the todays market. If your serious about treating ants?  Touch base today – we like a chat.

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