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Rodent Treatments | Perth Rats & Perth Mice

A Mouse In The House…

Here in WA, Perth rats & Perth mice often become a serious problem quickly if not controlled in the early stages. Most rodents will come inside your home or business, seeking food, shelter & new place to call home. In the past, Perth rats & Perth mice commonly took a liking to our older suburbs especially by the river, however times are ‘a changing’ as they say… & Envirapest now carry out our rodent treatments in most suburbs, north & south of the river.

Perth Rats & Perth Mice. Free Loaders…

Sometimes, no matter what you do & how tight you run your ship, rats & mice walk straight in the front door and claim your house or business as home. A lot of the time, rodent infestations are not a reflection on how you keep your home or office, sometimes you can simply be unlucky. Commonly you will have heard the pitter patter of tiny foot steps in the roof. It really is common for Perth rats & Perth mice to nest in our roof voids – its warm, quite & a perfect breeding ground to start up a new family for them.

Other common signs are those tiny tell tail droppings in the kitchen cupboards, sheds, stables, and outbuildings. Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing something out the corner of your eye on the back pergola or running along the fence line. No matter how they have been discovered, maybe its time to get a rodent treatment organised before the problem gets out of hand.

Time To Call In The Big Guns…

So… is time to call in the professionals? You’ve bought all the DIY Ratsak under the sun, knocked out a few, but not the lot. So maybe its time for plan B. Envirapest can provide cost effective rodent treatments for your home & business that will likely save you time and money in the long run. We have a huge variety of different baits and products for all situations & infestations. Envirapest even offer completely lockable pet & child safe rodent stations for minimal extra fee. Most of our products work in such a way that the rodents leave the area and die elsewhere so that you aren’t left with a terrible smell! But if you get unlucky and they die in a roof void for example, we can provide a service for that too.

House Keeping. Hot Tips…

  • Check the exterior of your home – Perth Mice and Perth rats can sneak through a hole, no bigger than a dollar coin! When examining the walls of your home check to see if there are any visible holes, especially near guttering and down pipes. Roofs can be particularly easy for rodent access as there are commonly ridges left between the roof covering and guttering. Seal any holes that you might find & replace any cracked tiles.
  • Trim away branches – Any overhanging branches and trees can act like a ladder to your roof. Keep trees well trimmed and remove over hanging branches. Not only does this help protect against rodents but it also helps prevent other insects gaining access to your home and lowers your fire risk.
  • Focus on doors and windows – If you plan on leaving your doors and windows open, you should fit them with screens and ensure existing screens are free from tears. Weatherstripping and door seals should also be in good condition.
  • Put screens on vents – Not every hole can be plugged up. Some are there for a reason like air vents and weep holes. Keep these covered with mesh screens to prevent access.
  • Remove their food source – Ensure that all food products are stored away in sealed containers and if possible keep pet food and water outside at night time, following some of these simple steps can lower your need for rodent treatments all together.

Rodent Treatments

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