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Envirapest & The Latest Termite Detection Technology

If it’s current, high tech & next gen – we have it. Envirapest use only the latest technology when it comes to termite detection in your home. We use the latest Termatrac T3i devices that combine three separate technologies to efficiently detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites where our naked little eyes cant see.

Pretty cool huh? Yep – we know. In down to earth Aussie terms – It’s X-ray vision. We can see through walls people.

Termatrac - Termite detection radar in Perth
1. Termite Detection Radar
Termatrac - Termite detection radar in Perth
2. Remote Thermal Sensor
Termatrac Termite Remote Thermal Sensor Perth
3. Advanced Moisture Sensor

Tech That Can – See & Hear Evil

The Termatrac T3i gives us the ability to perform non-invasive inspections in areas we simply can’t see. This special little device allows us to accurately detect, confirm and track the presence of termites and therefore their entry points. Put simply, we can access areas of your home, that without this technology, would be impossible. It allows us to search throughout the inside of wall cavities and sub-floors without the need to cut traps and entry points in flooring.

So Why Us.

Professionals pest inspectors use professional equipment. You should expect nothing less from whom ever you choose to inspect your property. Most companies don’t use Termatrac T3i, so check around and ask the question. Envirapest believe that staying on top of our game is best for both worlds. Envirapest’s timber pest inspections and reports really are a league above anything else on the Perth market today. Touch base with us & visit Termatrac Australia to find out more about this amazing technology.

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Termatrac | Termite Detection Perth | Envirapest
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