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Guildford Grass & Onion Grass | Envirapest

Onion Grass | Guildford Grass | Envirapest

The Lawn Mowers Enemy. Guildford Grass – Onion Grass. 

Locally here in Perth, us sand gropers call Onion Grass – Guildford Grass. We like it that way & we are keeping it that way. Guildford Grass is a common weed in many states of this great southern land including – ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC and of course the finest state – WA.  Guildford/Onion Grass is certainly not known to everyone. This little “grass” is in actual fact not a grass at all – but a a corm/bulb. It pops its head up in Autumn and Winter here in Perth and sends out a pink or purple flower in August to November.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Said everyone who hasn’t got it in their lawn. These slender little green stems poke their heads up through lawn and are almost impossible to mow off. That is unless your lawn mower blades are engineered from the finest samurai sword like metal fresh of a shelf in Japan. This weed can make a great lawn or verge look like rubbish and is impossible to pull out. Lucky for you –  We have the skills. Herbicide technology has come a long way and expert application methods are our speciality.

Why Pay Envirapest.

Because we can get our hands on the product you need. Its a highly licensed product and can not be purchased by the public for good reason. You need to know how to apply it, have the equipment to apply it, know when to apply it and what to mix with it. Its not just a slap in the tank type of procedure and the product itself is one of the most expensive we use. If you are serious about ridding you lawn of this tricky little weed, feel free to contact us. We will happily come out for a free visit, help work to your budget, and put your nasty Guildford/Onion Grass in the rear view mirror for good!

Envirapest can help you with all your lawn and general weed control needs. Click here to find out what other services we offer. 


Guildford Grass/Onion Grass

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