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Termite Baiting & Monitoring. The Environmental Solution.

This form of termite control is commonly called the environmental solution, and in many ways, that’s the truth. There is no liquid chemical residue applied to the soil at all. This approach is a much less invasive solution for the chemical safety conscious. After termite activity is detected, the method involves slowly feeding the termites inside a termite baiting station. We apply an almost non toxic bait to the inside of the lockable station. The termites ingest the product over a short period of time, and the colony is then eliminated.

The Best Ones.

There’s 3 on the market that separate themselves from the pack. Exterra, Sentricon & Termatrix. We are accredited installers in all of them. All 3 are a little different in style and price and each have their own pros and cons. Essentially, they work in the same way though. Termites find the stations. Eat the bait. The termite colony dies. However, like a lot of things in life – one shoe doesn’t fit all.  Sometimes it comes down to price and other times it comes down to the build type we are protecting. Below are some brochures and links etc. Check them out, touch base and lets see what termite baiting system works for you.

What’s Under The Hood?

Exterra Inside the Exterra system, not so surprisingly – is timber. The secret with Exterra however, is a special attractant that draws the termites into the station. We place that attractant under the termite station and it creates a protection zone around the property. Exterra have patented a very high quality termite bait also. We love it, have had great success with it and believe its a little above the rest.

Termatrix The team at Termatrix use a clever little compressed cellulose attractant alongside timber and cardboard inside their station. Relatively new on the market. This system is often sold to the more “hands on” type of client that wants to look after things themselves.

Sentricon Sentricon – Always Active* Is brand new to the market & don’t use timber at all – They use a bait already inserted in the station that begins working immediately after being installed into the ground. This system is great for the client looking to “lock it & leave”. Contact us for more about this system.

Where Do These Termite Magnets Go.

Termite baiting stations are placed around the buildings perimeter every 3 to 5 metres. We also have a special termite baiting station that we can place directly on to active termite workings – for example on a door frame, a gate post or tree stump.

You Take The Reins Or We Will Be The Driver.

One of the great features of these systems is that YOU the home owner can check your stations and monitor any termite activity. If you are a hands on kind of person – this can be a really cost effective option. Once you find termite activity you call in the big guns (us) to come and bait the stations for you. This way you are only pay for us when you need us.

Some of us though, would rather set & forget. Perhaps the thought of remembering to check your stations is something else you DON’T need on your plate. We have this covered for you too and can set you up on a regular servicing plan.

Why Bait?

Termites have their challenges here in Perth. Every property has its own unique circumstances. Termite baiting and monitoring – in many instances – can be the most favourable option of termite control because of its ability to eliminate the termite colony without knowing the precise penetration area of infestation.

The great thing about these systems is that you also have the option to self-monitor and they can be used in conjunction with other barrier systems.

Termite Baiting & Monitoring Systems

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