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About Envirapest – What Makes Us Tick.

Termites. Weeds & Perth Pest Control . . 

Envirapest are the highest ranked Perth pest control company in WA. Recently, AEPMA awarded us this prestigious title for 2017/18. Envirapest officially ranked 3rd – Australia wide, a proud moment in our company’s history  (see here). Like a few industries, pest control has the odd cowboy.. ‘we’re better than the next guy’.. ‘established this long ago’.. You’ve heard it all before. So what are you looking for? Our guess – just genuinely nice people to deal with from go to woah, friendly professionalism, loads of experience, and a smile at the front door. Easy right? So why is great service so hard to find – Period. Disappointment seems to have become the ‘norm’ of late unfortunately. Well stress a little less.. we’re here.. we’re different.. & the service industry isn’t totally dead in our eyes.

No Sales Staff. Just Owners & Operators… 

We can assure you that from the very first point of contact with Envirapest, you’ll feel at ease with your decision to pick us out of Perth’s pest control hat. Speak directly to a company owner when you call. Fact. Booked a quote?  Then talk to the person who will actually treat your home. Another Fact. These are our promises to you. Customer satisfaction is at our core – our aim is to provide each and every client with a service unseen by all before us. Envirapest travels to all Perth suburbs and surrounds – Yanchep to Mandurah – All of them. We apply only the highest quality, odourless products on the market today. All Envirapest’s products are safe for everyone, every pet, and every thing in the middle.

Picking Out The Cream…

All Envirapest’s treatments come fully guaranteed & warranted. Like any ‘good’ company we are fully insured, fully licensed & dedicated to our ‘on-going’ training practices. If you haven’t used Envirapest in the past, you will understand quickly that we’ve learnt a few things over the last 20 years in the industry. We opened our doors more than 15 years ago now & have an extensive, ever growing list of happy clients. Envirapest, over many years, has meticulously pooled together the finest pest control technicians our state has to offer. All are highly paid, highly trained leaders amongst their own industry peers. All Envirapest staff are extremely polite, hard working, trustworthy, & dedicated to going the extra distance.

Education & Volunteering The Knowledge…

Envirapest believe in education. Lots of it. We consistently improve our personal, & employee’s skill set with dedicated training & development days. On a personal note, I was given a traineeship in Horticulture in 1996 whilst employed with a small weed control business. In the mid 2000’s I studied, and obtained, a Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management, Cert IV in Small Business Management, Cert II & III in Pest Management & lastly an accreditation in Bushland Weed Identification & Weed Control Methods. That long, education story led to a lecturing position for Murdoch Tafe, Challenger Institute of Technology. There I lectured from the other side of the desk and trained the courses: Control Weeds, Prepare & Apply Chemicals, Transport, Handle & Storage of Chemical for a short time. I’m now regularly employed to speak & preform workshops to groups of small land owners, weed action groups & hobby farmers on all types of pest issues & the implementation of weed management plans. I also write for a national magazine called Hoofbeats every second month on tips and advice on all matters pest & weed related.

Enviropest… Its The ‘A’ That Makes Us Special.

Its funny looking back. When our business was named over the counter of an office desk in St Georges terrace all those years ago. The confusion created by the ‘A’ instead of the ‘O’ in Envirapest, was much more than anticipated. Look, it probably gave us a few more headaches than we planned, but never the less, here we are. A lot of our clients still call us ‘Enviropest’ & we are more than happy to wear it. As we mentioned earlier, its the ‘A’ that makes us special.

Friendly Eco Pest Control… Perths Original.

In the early 2000’s, not a single company was interested in environmental pest or weed control – except Envirapest. Now, we don’t go a day without watching another company following in those early foot steps. There’s a variety of similar ‘eco pest control’ company look a likes around Perth. But the truth is, imitation cant beat the real deal and never will. Our environmental commitments alongside company, carbon neutral are just the tip of the ice berg. Our commitment to environmental pest & weed control has never waived & continues to only strengthen.


Currently there are around 500+ Perth Pest Control Businesses in Perth. When hiring one always ask for – qualifications, licences, proof of chemical applied, treatment certificates and all insurances. These are simple requests & like Envirapest, quality companies will provide this with ease. Envirapest build and continuously maintain, long term, professional relationships with all of our clients. Compare our service & check out our reviews – we’re not the same & certainly not just a number. Whether you employ us to protect your home from termites, or provide your family with the safest products and practices in Perth – Envirapest wont disappoint.

Mark Brown
Envirapest Founder

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