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Wolf Spiders on the loose in Pickering Brook!

Wolf Spiders on the loose in Pickering Brook!

Wolf Spiders on the loose in Pickering Brook!

Check out this awesome photograph our technician Lee snapped while completing a termite inspection in Pickering Brook last week. The photograph is of a female Wolf Spider carrying her young. Spiders in Perth are common at all times of the year.


Wolf Spider

Venom Toxicity
The bite of a Wolf Spider is poisonous but not lethal. Although non-aggressive, they bite freely if provoked and should be considered dangerous. The bite can be painful. First aid and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible – particularly to children.

Area of Distribution
Australia wide.

Spider Identification
An adult is 15mm – 30mm in body length – mottled grey to brown in colour, with a distinct Union Jack impression on it;s back. The females carry their young on their backs.

The Wolf Spider is generally a ground dweller, with a burrow retreat. They have a roving nocturnal lifestyle to hunt their prey and can move very rapidly when disturbed. Commonly found around the home, in garden areas with a silk lined burrow, sometimes with a lid or covered by leaf litter.

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A Huntsman Spider on brick paving at a house in Perth