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Termite Inspections. What Are My Odds?

High. Subterranean termites, sometimes called white ants, are a highly destructive timber pest. They can cause major structural damage to all types of buildings. Western Australia, and particularly the Perth region, is categorised as a high risk area for termite activity according to the CSIRO. Whether your home is built on a concrete slab, has timber flooring & limestone footings or built on stumps – every home in Perth is at risk of termite attack.

Staying Regular. 

Regular termite inspections are crucial in ensuring the ongoing safety of your home.  Service your car? Why not service your house? Makes sense right? Australian Standards recommend a minimum of one inspection every 12 months & for good reason – they’ve got the stats to back them up. Our state is a hot spot people. Staying regular with your termite inspections will be one of the smartest investments you can make.

Termite Detection Technology Experts.

If your hiring a company why not hire one with latest termite detection equipment on board? We use the latest termite detection technology on the market. Not everyone does. So make sure you ask the question when doing the ring around. We use both the Termatrac T3i and Borascope inspection cameras to help us look inside timber, without damage, in a non-invasive way. Just another way of keeping our company a step above the rest. Click here to see what all the fuss is about.

The Hip Pocket.

Prices start from $275. We aren’t the cheapest and you don’t want the cheapest when your investing half a million or more. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. If your termite inspection quote is under $200 – they probably aren’t insured or use Termatrac T3i technology.

Envirapest allows you to combine your termite inspection with one of our other treatments to receive an even further discount. We also deduct all the inspection costings if it turns out a full termite barrier or termite monitoring & baiting system is required.

Whats Involved & What Do I Get.

All termite inspections are completed by an experienced and licensed technician. All areas of your home are thoroughly inspected including roof voids, sub-floors, home interiors & exteriors and all garden areas. Everything on the block – put simply.

Once completed – our technicians will call you from site and have a chat about what was discovered and your full termite report will then be emailed directly to you. The report includes:

  • A detailed map of the entire property highlighting any active or inactive termites.
  • Photographs of any active or inactive termites.
  • Details of any fungal decay and water damage.
  • Details of any European borer.
  • Environmental factors including drainage and ventilation issues.
  • Highlighting any problem areas that may be conducive to future termite attack or risk.
  • All private power poles will also be inspected.

Termite Inspections

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