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Termite Barriers. The Good, The Bad, The Truths.

If it’s on the termite barrier treatment market in Australia – we offer it. Some of them we like. Some of them we don’t. Ok.. that’s not all true. Each product has its place and individual benefits & choosing the right one for your home is our speciality. Each home is assessed on an individual basis – not one size fits all, and never will when it comes to installing a termite barrier. So we decided to get accredited in all of them. Most companies don’t. A lot stick to the same old products they always have. But look, its your house, maybe the same “olds” good enough for you. It’s certainly not for Envirapest clients however. Our clientele ask for the latest, odourless, pet friendly and most environmentally safe termite barrier products on today’s market. So we deliver them. Not just that – we deliver them with honesty & an opinion you will understand.

I’m Insured Right? Wrong.

Most people aren’t aware of a few simple truths. Your home, your contents and your building Insurance Policy will NOT cover the repair or treatment costs associated with termites damage. The best protection is to have a termite barrier installed around your home. Although there is an initial cost outlay, this cost can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Every home is at risk. Whether your home is built on a concrete slab in Canning Vale or has a wooden floor in Subiaco. All homes in Perth are on the menu for termites.

The Termite Detection Difference

If it’s current, high tech & next gen – we have it. Envirapest use only the latest technology when it comes to termite detection in your home. We use the latest Termatrac T3i devices that combine three separate technologies to efficiently detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites where our naked little eyes cant see. Pretty cool huh? Yep – we know. In down to earth Aussie terms – It’s X-ray vision. We can see through walls people. All of our termite spray treatments come with a full timber pest inspections with this detection technology included. Standard.

The Product Low Down.

The full range of the treatments and products are listed below. All barrier treatments using Termidor, Termidor HE, Premise, Altriset & Biflex Aqua Max are odorless, safe for families, pet owners, the allergy sensitive & the environmentally conscious when applied correctly.

No Chemicals? No Problems

Some of you might be thinking – I don’t want a liquid chemical barrier. Maybe your house is un-treatable with a liquid termite barrier or perhaps you want to know what other options are out there. Well don’t stress – we can still help! We also offer a wide range of termite baiting & monitoring systems to suit all homes and budgets.

Do You Need To See My Castle?

Absolutely! No termite barrier is the same. There are different physical and environmental impacts that effect which products will be suitable and how the barrier will be installed. No two homes are the same. This is why we offer FREE onsite, no-obligation quotes. Not because we want a free cuppa (although it does go a long way) but because we need to see your home to be able to provide you with the right advice. So why not get us out to your house today and lets have a chat about what is right for your home & budget. Click here for your free quote.

I Need A Barrier But The Timing Couldn’t Be Worse!

So you have found termites in your bathroom door frame. You know you need to get a termite barrier before things get REALLY bad. But your car has broken down and you just got your rates bill. Life has a way of becoming hard at wrong times. We understand that and we can help. We understand that a termite barrier investment isn’t cheap so why not take advantage of our flexible, in house, no-interest payment plans. All we ask is that you make an initial 50% payment and then the rest can be paid off in monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments at payment amounts that suit our budget. Ask us for more information – we don’t bite, but those termites will keep eating your door frame in the meantime.

Termidor SC
Active Ingredient – Fipronil

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  • 8 year warranty with annual inspections
  • Chemical used is a non-repellant. Termites are unable to detect Termidor in the soil. They then ingest the chemical and return it to the nest wiping out the colony. A Highly Recommended Termite Colony Elimination Product

Termidor HE
Active Ingredient – Fipronil

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  • 8 year warranty with annual inspections
  • Advanced polymer technology allows its active ingredient to spread down and form a protective zone resulting in a superior zone resulting in a superior treatment with less disruption and damage than Termidor SC.
Termidor HE | Termite Barrier | Envirapest

Premise 200 SC
Active – Imidacloprid

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  • 5 year warranty with annual inspections
  • Premise 200 SC Termiticide is a soil-applied liquid termiticide that provides long-term protection of your home. Premise is a water based & odourless product that safely eliminates termites & protects your home.

Biflex Aqua Max
Active Ingredient – Bifenthrin

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  • 10 year warranty with annual inspections
  • Chemical is a repellent. The chemical stays in the soil and when the termites ingest it they die fast.

Active – Chlorantraniliprole

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  • 5 year warranty with annual inspections
  • Altriset is a completely non toxic liquid product safe for even the hyper sensitive among us.


Altriset Termiticide | Termite Treatment | Envirapest

Baiting & Monitoring
Chemical Free

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  • Chemical Free Options.
  •  We also offer a range of products to suit people how are looking for chemical free options. Find out more!


Exterra System | Termite Baiting | Envirapest

Please Note: In order to keep your warranty you must have annual termite inspections completed.

Protecting your home against termites can be expensive. Envirapest will tailor a plan to meet you budget. We even offer payment plans to ensure you can have your home protected.

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Termite Barrier Treatments

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