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WNational Pest Manager of the year 2019/20Winter Grass Treatments – Poa Annua

Winter Grass Treatment Perth | Poa Annua | Envirapest


During the winter months cooler weather winter grass takes advantage of your lawn and moves into those susceptible areas. As it looks similar to lawn sometimes it can be undetected until summer, when it dies back in the hot weather leaving large brown spots all through your lawn.

Poa Annua is a small, soft tufted annual grass which flowers from August through to October in Western Australia’s climate. It’s seeds can lay dormant in the soil for several years at a time. It is a very hardy plant. Even cutting short the seed stalk won’t help as this plant still has the ability to seed!

Late March through May is the perfect time to treat for winter grass. Envirapest can treat your lawns for poa annua with a specialised herbicide specifically for this plant. The herbicide we use is a selective pre-emergent herbicide, meaning not only does it kill winter grass but it even prevents the plant from being able to sprout.

Winter Grass Treatments
Lawn Care

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$275 inc. gst

Licensed Technician
Weed Control Treatment
All Lawn Types
Family & Pet Safe
Get rid of lawn weeds | Envirapest
Winter grass Perth | Poa Annua | Envirapest

The product is safe to be sprayed over your lawn without damaging couch, kikuyu or buffalo lawns. It only targets winter grass.

Acting now will prevent hours of back-breaking hand weeding later in the year as well as preventing the spread of unwanted seed.

Cost for your winter grass treatment is $1.50 per square metres with a minimum charge of $275 – maximum charge of $330 (all prices include GST). Included with our winter grass treatment we will also spray all your garden beds, paving and driveways for general weeds, free of charge.

Contact us today to get rid of your winter grass woes!