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Couch Grass Spraying | Envirapest

Couch Grass Spraying | Fusilade Spraying | Envirapest

How To Get Rid Of Couch Grass? 

Let me guess. You have tried everything – Digging it? Pulling it? You’ve even grabbed the old Round Up off the shelf and gave it a little squirt? But still – you lost. Its tough stuff isn’t it? Well, there’s some good news.

Envirapest have learnt a thing or two over the past 20 odd years when it comes to killing couch grass in garden beds. Truth be told, couch grass and “running grasses “are more of an agricultural problem world wide than a domestic one. Grasses often have to be selectively removed from cropping vegetables & orchards to produce more yield. This is where & why the need for a selective grass killing herbicide was born. Domestically we now take full advantage of this herbicide technology and can safely treat all your home garden beds.

We Turn Couch Grass to Dust.

Invasive couch grass can become a major issue throughout garden beds, it can lead to mild insanity and in rare cases – early graves. Without herbicide intervention, hand weeding can seem impossible.

We have a particular product, specifically for the treatment of couch and running grasses that can eliminate it from your garden beds without harm to your ornamental plants. Yes you read right. It wont hurt the prize winning roses, the award winning hedge line or even those beautiful little spring herbs you’ve planted with the kids. It only kills grasses! Simple.

Envirapest can help you with a whole range of weed controls services – including lawn treatments, home & garden weed maintenance and bindii treatments – just to name a few. 

Couch Grass Treatments

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Couch Grass Spraying | Fusilade | Envirapest
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