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Millipede Control | Liquid Barriers

Millipedes. Spraying The Line in The Sand… Literally. 

For alot of Perth home owners, the most cost effective type of millipede control, is to spray for millipedes. Our products treat millipedes quickly, are completely odourless & the family are safe from millipede attack – immediately. A lot of millipede poisons available on the domestic market, are low quality & simply pointless. When high quality, professional products are applied correctly, they provide an extremely high rate of satisfaction & millipede relief. Envirapest treatments are safe for your family, pets & gardens. Our products & application methods have taken many years to perfect.

The Envirapest Difference…

Millipede barrier treatments are applied to the exterior of your home or business & start from as low as $165. All treatments are warranted & fully guaranteed to give exceptional results. Our products are much more effective than over the counter products. So if you’ve tried everything else. Simply don’t have the time. Give us a call & see why experienced millipede control can save a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

Hitting Millipedes Between The Eyes…

Treating the externals of each home and office is a little different. Perth millipede control can get a little tricky at times, and each building comes with its own unique challenges. That said, here’s an idea of areas generally treated – Walls, garden beds, rockeries, mulched areas, eaves, gutters & down pipes, alfresco & pergolas, sheds, letterboxes, pool areas & paved areas  Its really important to note that we customise each treatment to its specific needs. Our products are water based, odourless & the treatment is dry before we go through the paperwork at your front door. And yes, the family pets are safe too.

Envirapest’s Millipede Light Trap

Shipping Australia Wide

$249 Gst Inc

Millipede Control - Light Trap - Chemical Free Control Option
Chemical Free Control Option
High Quality Fittings & Finishings
Colorbond Steel Construction
Comes in Colorbond Woodland Grey
Portable & Battery Operated
Family & Pet Friendly
No Assembly Required
West Australian Made

Millipede Barrier Treatments

Enquire Today!

Millipede Control - Barrier Treatments
Water Based, Odourless Products
Licensed & Experienced Technicians
Family & Pet Safe
WA’s Highest Ranked Company
Exteriors, Garden Beds – The Lot
Genuine Customer Service
Millipede Specialised
Fully Guaranteed & Warranted

New DIY Nematode Release

WA Wide Shipping

$299 Gst Inc

Millipede Control - Nematodes - Chemical Free Control Option
Long Term Control
Native to Australia Nematodes
Specific To Millipedes Only
Easy To Use DIY Kits
Family & Pet Safe
Envirapest Exclusive
Now Available For All Properties
Natures Lil Helper

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