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Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection | Envirapest

Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth | Envirapest

Purchasing The Australian Dream…

When you purchase a house in WA, you are generally required to complete a timber pest inspection or pre-purchase termite inspection. These inspections are to be carried out before you sign on the dotted line.  This is ensure your investment isn’t in danger of falling down around your feet. To the best of our knowledge, its not law to have one carried out. However, it is smart too. If the bank are financing the lions share, they will also want proof the home purchased is safe and sound.

Getting All Your Ducks in a Row.

Buying a new property can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There’s a lot on your plate an real estate agents and settlement agencies seem to have their own agendas and time frames. Some will say you have 7 days to have your inspection completed – some 48 hours and others will say 28 days. To be honest – we really don’t know why this is and after 15 years or so – we are sick of asking them. That aside, its our responsibility to be flexible and get your timber pest inspection booked. Therefore, timber pest inspections always take priority, and all are generally completed within 24 hours.

The Who. What. When. Where. How?

Envirapest take all the hassle out of organising a timber pest inspection. We mean everything. With just a few personal details and the real estate agents details – we are away. We will arrange a suitable time with the current property owners, tenants or agent and then co-ordinate access to the property – all on your behalf. When the phone tag and ringing around is over and your inspection is locked in – we will happily let you know.

Inspection time – After the timber pest inspection has been completed, our technician’s personally phone and let you know how the inspection went. We will have an open chat about any areas of concern and discuss future termite protection suggestions.

The Australian Standard & Then Some.

Envirapest offer pre-purchase timber pest inspections that fully exceed the Australian Standards AS 4349.3-2010 & AS 3660.2-2000. It goes without saying that every inspection is performed by an experienced and licensed technician. We use only the latest timber pest inspection reporting software alongside the latest termite detection equipment. Termatrac T3i can literally see through walls (see below).

Termite Detection Technology Experts.

If you’re hiring a company then why not hire one with latest termite detection equipment on board. We use the latest termite detection technology on the market. Not every company does, in fact most don’t. So make sure you ask the question when doing the ring around.

We can use either Termatrac T3i or Borascope inspection cameras to help us look inside timber. Both are non-invasive and wont cause damage to the timber. This is just another way of keeping Envirapest a step above the rest. Click here to see what all the fuss is about.

Combining A Building & Timber Pest Inspection = Fail.

Sure, combining both inspections maybe cheaper by around $100. But here’s some food for thought. Its a fact that in Western Australia, building inspectors do not have to be licensed or even qualified to inspect buildings. Click here and see for yourself.

What does that mean you say? You can work at a fast food “restaurant” on the weekend, build a website, jump online – pay for a termite inspection course at a fake online uni (that know one believes in). Then start up a building inspection company right here in Perth. It really is that easy. In the unlikely event your unlicensed building inspector finds termites – He wont be able to help you.  Because he’s not licenced to actually treat termites.

It’s probably obvious that we are passionate about this subject. This is because we deal with the aftermath ever single day from unsuspecting home buyers. Please call the Building Commission of WA on 1300 489 099 and ask this simple question. Do you need to be licensed or qualified in Western Australia to inspect buildings? Then pick yourself up off the floor.

The Hip Pocket.

Prices start from $275 but can be more depending on the construction size of the home, and we aren’t the cheapest town – We are fully aware of that. Our timber pest inspections are for realistic, everyday people who want a quality provider to preform quality inspections and reports. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. If your timber pest inspection quote is under $200 – they probably aren’t insured or use Termatrac T3i technology.

After settlement, Envirapest will also happily deduct the inspection costings if a full termite barrier or termite monitoring & baiting system is required. For more information on the termite services Envirapest offer click here. 

Whats Involved & What Do I Get.

All areas of your home and yard are thoroughly inspected. This includes roof voids, sub-floors, home interiors & exteriors and all garden areas. Everything on the block – put simply.

.Once all is completed, you will be emailed a very thorough report that includes:

  • A detailed report of the entire property highlighting any active or inactive termites.
  • Photographs will be taken of any active or inactive termites.
  • Provide details of any fungal decay and water damage.
  • Inspect for any European borer.
  • Report on any environmental factors including drainage and ventilation issues.
  • We will also highlight any problem areas that may be conducive to future termite attack.
  • All private power poles will also be inspected.

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

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Pre Purchase Pest Inspection | Pre Purchase Termite Inspection | Envirapest
Licensed Technicians
Entire Property Inspected
Priority Booking For Settlement
Termatrac Equipment
Comprehensive Detailed Report to Australian Standards AS4349.3
Fully Insured
All Timber Pests including Borer & Fungal Decay
Conducive Conditions for Timber Pests
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