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WA Pest Manager of the Year 2017-18Millipede Nematode Release

Millipedes are an annoying pest and can be difficult to contain without professional help.

This native nematode could be the secret to solving your millipede nightmares…

Envirapest are excited to announce our partnership with South Australian company Bug Central. We are now Western Australia’s sole supplier of the natural millipede defence – Nematodes!

Ever since we heard about these little creatures and their superpowers against millipedes – we knew we had to get involved. Over the past year’s we have been conducting trials & releases in various locations around Perth and the South West – the results have far exceeded our expectations! Many of our release sites have resulted in millipede infestations being drastically reduced and these nematodes are proving to be an effective alternative to traditional chemical controls.

As you can see this is VERY exciting but first, let us explain how the nematodes work and if they are right for your home.

What is a nematode?

Nematodes are small parasitic worms that occur naturally in the soil. The nematode called Rhabditis Necromena is an Australian native nematode that can be released to attack millipedes. These microscopic worms enter the body of the millipede and release a bacteria – that breaks down the millipede tissue on which the nematodes can feed. They do not affect humans, pets or plants and because they are native, they won’t become a pest themselves.

Remember, they are already here in our West Australian soil.

How do they work?

This particular type of nematode is already in the soil. When a millipede infestation occurs – there is generally a 10-15 year cycle before the nematode population builds up enough naturally to affect the millipede numbers. By mass releasing these nematodes through April- June you are essentially speeding up this natural cycle and this time frame can be reduced to between 2-5 years.

The nematodes reproduce inside the dead millipede and then find their way back into the soil to start another infestation cycle during the winter months. This particular type of nematode is specific to millipedes ONLY– they will not hurt other animals, plants or insects.

Will it be suitable for me?

If you own an acre or more – YES. Unfortunately urban blocks are not suitable for nematode release because there needs to be a large millipede population for the release to be effective. They can be beneficial in situations where an urban house is adjacent to an open area where millipedes invade from – such as bush/park land. If you don’t fall into this category – don’t despair we still have treatment options that will dramatically minimise your millipede infestation – check out our millipede page here or our light traps could be perfect for you.

How the process works?

The millipedes are collected and put with the nematodes in Petri dishes or our light trap for 24-48 hours. After the nematodes have had time to infect the millipedes – they are released back into the garden – then nature does the rest!

Part of the bigger picture.

As this is a biological control – it is for people who are serious about reducing their millipede infestations long term. It is not a quick fix (although during out testing we have seen dramatic results). It is important to remember that nematodes are one part of an Integrated Pest Management plan. There are many other parts to the process including chemical and physical controls that help minimise infestations. It is all about timing, knowledge, using the right products, and applying these methods safely to achieve maximum results.

Where to next?

Envirapest have several different nematode release options available. We have options where we can trap millipedes and release the nematodes for you, DIY kits and also integrated pest management options where we combine a nematode release with other more conventional methods of pest control. We have options to suit all properties and budgets.

Millipede Nematode Release

Starting from

$205 inc. gst

Millipede Control - Nematodes - Chemical Free Control Option
Chemical Free Control Option
Native Australian Nematode
Specific To Millipedes
DIY or Serviced Options
Family & Pet Safe
Long Term Control
Nematode Release | Millipede Control | Envirapest

Millipede Light Trap

$195 inc. gst

Millipede Control - Light Trap - Chemical Free Control Option
Chemical Free Control Option
High Quality Fittings & Finishings
Colorbond Steel Construction
Choice Of 3 Colours
Portable & Battery Operated
Family & Pet Friendly
No Assembly Required
West Australian Made

Millipede Barrier Treatments

Starting from

$220 inc. gst

Millipede Control - Barrier Treatments
Water Based, Odourless Product
Licensed Technician
Exterior Only
Family & Pet Safe
4 Month Guarantee