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Our Native Australian Nematode. A Millipedes Nightmare…

Envirapest are Western Australia’s only supplier of a native nematode that kills Portuguese millipedes. This Australian nematode is called rhabditis necromena. We announced our partnership with South Australian company Bug Central a few years ago now. This company were the brains behind a lot of the South Australian government nematode releases & their success. They have now partnered with Envirapest & have shared all their knowledge for us West Australians to thrive on.

After researching South Australia’s success with nematodes, (seen only under a microscope) we knew WA had to get involved. Over many years now, we have conducted nematode releases in various locations around Perth & the South West. The results have far exceeded our expectations. All of our release sites have had millipede infestations drastically reduced. This magic little nematode (rhabditis necromena) is proving to be a very effective alternative to traditional chemical controls. That said, our results have shown that the combination of a nematode release & liquid chemical barrier have been very effective also.

What Is This Native Nematode? Rhabditis Necromena…

Firstly, nematodes are small parasitic worms that occur naturally in the soil, everywhere. They are far to small to be seen with the naked eye. There are thousands of different types, some are good & others bad. This specific nematode is called Rhabditis Necromena. Its as Australian as double pluggas & native to our sun burnt land. Our Australian scientists have been able to reproduce this nematode in big labs, in big numbers, so we can now sell them to you.

How Do Nematodes Work & What Happens Next?

The nematode is strategically released to attack Portuguese millipedes throughout Autumn when numbers are high. These tiny microscopic worms enter the body of the millipede & release a bacteria. This breaks down the millipedes tissue & the nematodes begin to feed. Importantly, this nematode does NOT affect humans, pets or plants in anyway. Better still, because they are native, they won’t become a pest themselves. This particular nematode is already in our WA soils.

When a millipede infestation occurs, there is generally a 15 year cycle before the nematode population builds up enough naturally to affect millipede numbers. By releasing nematodes around your property between April & June we are essentially speeding up mother natures natural cycle. They reproduce inside the dead millipede & then find their way back into the soil to start another infestation cycle.

Are Nematodes Suitable For Our Property?

Whether you own 1000 acres or 1000 Square Metres we have a nematode kit for you. If you’re already a pro, you can purchase a nematode pack by itself & go for gold. However, this option is recommended for people familiar with the process.  If this is your first release of nematodes, we recommend purchasing our DIY kits & nematode combo. This combination is recommended for properties 1000 SQM to 25 acres. Lastly, you can purchase our custom built light trap & nematode combo. This package is suited for large commercial & rural properties.

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In Conclusion…

Nematodes are a biological control method & aren’t the over night fix – they are a long term one. It’s important to remember that nematodes are sometimes only one part of a millipede attack plan. There are many options that Envirapest can combine with a nematode purchase. These include water based chemical barriers & millipede light traps. Millipede control is all about timing, especially when it come to releasing nematodes. We only get short three months in Autumn where the release can be carried out.

Envirapest have cut the path in millipede control & nematode research in Western Australia. We have recently been recognised as WA’s pest manager of the year 2017/18 and have been published by our governing body – AEPMA on the topic of millipedes & their control. If you, or your business is serious about millipede control & interested in a nematode release, please touch base today.

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