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The Portuguese Millipede – Defending Your Castle.

The Portuguese Millipede – Defending Your Castle.

The Portuguese Millipede – Defending Your Castle.

Portuguese Millipede | Perth | Envirapest

The Portuguese Millipede – Defending The Castle.

So how do I get rid of millipedes you ask? and are millipedes in WA here to stay. With one of the driest Aprils on record you may be mistaken in thinking that you our millipedes in WA problems are a thing of the past. But don’t become complacent. With rain forecast over the next few weeks these critters will be back…in force.

Millipedes In WA. Know Your Enemy.

The first Portuguese millipede was accidentally introduced to Port Lincoln in South Australia in 1953, most likely on a shipment of timber from Portugal. From there, they spread to the Adelaide Hills, Western Australia and then to all the southern states, including Tasmania. Millipedes are not poisonous, nor do they bite or sting, but their presence in large numbers creates a nuisance around the home and business. To find out everything you will ever need to know about Portuguese Millipedes click here.

How To Get Rid of Millipedes. The Three Points Of Attack.

No single strategy will control a pest like millipedes. An ‘integrated’ approach is required, using all of the tools available to us, to reduce the millipede population. Controls are described as being suitable for use ‘in close’, ‘mid-field’ and ‘out wide’.

Out Wide.

This applies to the area up to 25 to 50 metres from buildings. The aim is to use nematodes in this area to reduce the population of this Portuguese millipede as it migrates to your house & are a great long term solution to get rid of millipedes.

Mid Field.

This applies to the area 10 to 25 metres from your house. Here we aim to kill as many millipedes as possible before they get to your house. This is the perfect area to set up our millipede light traps and decoy lighting that draws millipedes away from your house.

In Close: 

This applies to the area immediately surrounding your home. This is where we strongly advise that our water based liquid barriers be implemented. A chemical barrier can be installed around your house, pool, walls, veranda’s, sheds and pathways surrounding buildings that you are trying to protect. Physical barriers may also help provide some relief – such as diatomaceous earth. This is by far the fastest way to get rid of millipedes.

Portuguese Millipedes | Perth Pest Control | Envirapest

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