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WA Pest Manager of the Year 2017-18Millipede Control – Light Traps

Millipede Trap | Light Trap | Envirapest

Millipede Light Traps – Built By Envirapest!

We have developed our very own millipede light trap to help our clients. We realised there was no suitable light traps on the market for millipedes – so we did the hard yards and built our own. After years of research and trials we are excited to be able to offer our clients this unique and quality trap that will last a lifetime.  The traps are a great stand alone chemical-free control option or can be used in conjunction with nematode release programs and with more traditional chemical treatments.

Portuguese Millipedes are attracted to light which is why they make a bee line for your home at night!

This high quality (patent pending) trap is fully portable, battery operated and comes in 3 different Colorbond colours – Classic Cream, Woodland Grey & Pale Eucalypt. These traps are able to be set up outside under verandas, patios, sheds or out in the garden to draw the millipedes away from your home. Once the millipedes are caught, they can be easily disposed of. The light attracts the millipedes – drawing them away from entry points and windows.

The millipede light traps have custom built ramps – the millipedes enter the trap and are unable to get back out – due to the unique plastic base we have incorporated into the trap.

These traps are designed to last and able to be re-used every season. You can even co-ordinate the Colorbond colour range to match your home or shed.

Envirapest Millipede Light Traps
  • Chemical Free Control Option
  • High Quality Fittings & Finishings
  • Colorbond Steel Construction Lids
  • Available in 3 Colorbond colours – Woodland Grey | Classic Cream | Pale Eucalypt.
  • Portable LED
  • Battery Operated
  • Hard Wearing & Weather Proof
  • Family & Pet Friendly
  • No Assembly Required

Millipede Light Trap

$195 inc. gst

Chemical Free Control Option
High Quality Fittings & Finishings
Colorbond Steel Construction
Choice Of 3 Colours
Portable & Battery Operated
Family & Pet Friendly
No Assembly Required
West Australian Made

Millipede Barrier Treatments

Starting from

$220 inc. gst

Millipede Control - Barrier Treatments
Water Based, Odourless Product
Licensed Technician
Exterior Only
Family & Pet Safe
4 Month Guarantee