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Millipede Light Traps

Millipede Light Traps. WA Built . By Envirapest…

The Envirapest team have developed our very own millipede light trap. We saw the gap in the market. There wasn’t suitable light traps for millipedes available to the public. So we did the hard yards and built our own. After years of research and trials, Envirapest can now offer quality, WA made, millipede light traps that last a lifetime. Our millipede light traps are a great, stand alone, chemical-free control option. They can be used in conjunction with a nematode release, or with a more traditional liquid millipede barrier treatment.

How Its Helps…

This high quality trap is fully portable, battery operated and comes  Colorbond steel – Woodland Grey.  The millipede light trap is simply placed outside your home or business. This light trap will draw the millipedes away from entry points and windows. Once caught in the light trap, they can be easily disposed of.

Not Rocket Science. But Still Pretty Cool…

The LED lights under the hood, attract the millipedes. The millipede light traps have custom built ramps. The millipedes fall into the light trap and are unable to get back out. How you ask? Due to the unique plastic base we have incorporated into the light trap. The millipedes simply can’t get a grip on the light trap walls. These traps are designed to last and able to be re-used year after year after year.

Envirapest Millipede Light Traps. The Nuts & Bolts..

  • Chemical Free Control Option
  • High Quality Fittings & Finishings
  • Colorbond Steel Construction Lid
  • Comes in Colorbond colour – Woodland Grey .
  • Portable LED
  • Battery Operated
  • Hard Wearing & Weather Proof
  • Family & Pet Friendly
  • No Assembly Required

Envirapest’s Millipede Light Trap

Shipping Australia Wide

$249 Gst Inc

Millipede Control - Light Trap - Chemical Free Control Option
Chemical Free Control Option
High Quality Fittings & Finishings
Colorbond Steel Construction
Comes in Colorbond – Woodland Grey
Portable & Battery Operated
Family & Pet Friendly
No Assembly Required
West Australian Made

New DIY Nematode Release

WA Wide Shipping

$299 Gst Inc

Millipede Control - Nematodes - Chemical Free Control Option
Long Term Control
Native to Australia Nematodes
Specific To Millipedes Only
Easy To Use DIY Kits
Family & Pet Safe
Envirapest Exclusive
Now Available For All Properties
Natures Lil Helper

Millipede Barrier Treatments

Starting from

$250 Gst Inc

Millipede Control - Barrier Treatments
Water Based, Odourless Products
Licensed & Experienced Technicians
Family & Pet Safe
WA’s Highest Ranked Company
Exteriors, Garden Beds – The Lot
Genuine Customer Service
Millipede Specialised
Fully Guaranteed & Warranted