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WNational Pest Manager of the year 2019/20Nematode Release DIY Kit – Free Shipping

Nematode Release DIY Kit – Free Shipping


Nematode Release DIY Kit – NEW & IMPROVED

Each ‘Nematode Release Kit’ contains the following:

  • Gel pack containing live nematode
  • 6 Nematode Stations with solar light
  •  Nematode food
  •  Measuring spoon
  • Instruction booklet on millipede control strategies (email)

This product includes everything you need for a nematode release at your home or business.

Nematodes are only able to be seasonally released during April, May & June.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are the Western Australian supplier for these nematodes. If you live in any other state you can purchase your nematodes here at – www.bugcentral.com.au 


DIY Nematode Release Kit 

Millipede Control is simple and effective with nematodes.

Our new and improved kits make things easier – collecting millipedes is now a thing of the past. Simply set up your nematode stations around your home or business and let nature do it’s thing. 

To find our more about how nematodes work – click here.

In the mid-1980’s researchers in South Australia found that a native nematode also attacks the introduced Portuguese Millipede (nematodes are tiny parasitic ‘worms’). This nematode only attacks millipedes, and will not affect crops, plants, animals or other insects. As this is a biological control millipedes will not be eradicated, but when combined with other control strategies, numbers are significantly reduced.

Each order contains 6 nematode stations and nematodes. This kit and is suitable for a large garden or small rural property.

  • Chemical Free Control Option
  • Native Australian Nematode
  • Specific to millipedes
  • DIY kit
  • Family & Pet Safe
  • Long Term Control


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