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Beware – The Spiders Are Out!

Beware – The Spiders Are Out!

Beware – The Spiders Are Out!

Spring has arrived – and so have the spiders!

The season have changed and spring brings with it an abundance of sunshine, flower and unfortunately spiders! During the warmer months, insects of all kind become more active and are on the move.

Envirapest offers safe, pet friendly treatments for all kinds of insects, including spiders, cockroaches and ants.

We offer both external and internal treatments. Our external treatments include all garden areas, fences and kids play equipment – helping to keep your little ones safe.

Once treated your home will be free of spider and those unsightly webs.

For more information, check out our packages to find a treatment option that suits you. Alternatively, contact us today.

Spring has arrived - And so have the spiders