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Lawn Love – A ‘Real’ Condition Suffered By ‘Real’ Aussies

Lawn Love – A ‘Real’ Condition Suffered By ‘Real’ Aussies

Lawn Love – A ‘Real’ Condition Suffered By ‘Real’ Aussies

Lawns. The Other Women.

The great Australian lawn. Some spend hours staring at it, mowing it, fertilising it, spraying it, watering it, and we are positive that some people even cuddle it. Trust us, we have met them all – lawn love is a real thing.  Whichever end of the love spectrum you are on with your lawn – sometimes you need help from a professional.

You may think all hope is lost to achieve that dream lawn. It’s not. Generally, after 3 or 4 Bunnings trips, endless weed and feed products and many endless hours on google- you may still be no closer to a weed free lawn. So, don’t waste your time. It’s not expensive to call and chat, in fact its everyone’s favourite price – FREE. Let us make your lawn the envy of the street. It’s probably cheaper than you think!

Bindii? Onehunga? Bindi Eye? – Same Weed. Same Prick. 

Call it what you will, this is the weed that gets blamed for screaming kids in summer, impromptu kangaroo hoping, ruined family picnics & a general overall distaste toward your lawn. We endlessly get clients calling up complaining that “weed & feed” hasn’t worked well enough on their lawn. The short answer is – we know! Anytime you combine fertilisers and weed killers in one overall “fix it all” product – you will get patchy results & that’s why they are cheap.

What is Bindii?

This weed is a small winter growing annual that first pops its head up when Perth see’s the first autumn rains. The flowers start to appear in spring and continue right up until December. Now – the reason we hate this weed so deeply is because of the seed capsule. This tiny seed capsule is protected by spines. The spines are extremely prickly, extremely sharp and make grown men cry when they walk over a bindii covered lawn in bare feet.

All Lawns – All Weeds…

We can safely treat weeds in all types of turfs and domestic lawns including buffalo lawns (yes – we said buffalo) without any damage to the turf. Our team can eradicate all broadleaf weeds including: Bindii, Oxalis (Soursob – Sour Grass), Cape Weed, Dandelions, Flat weed and all types of Clover to name a just a few. We also have very specialised treatments for Onion Weed, Onion Grass-Guildford Grass & Nut Grass.

Envirapest delivers a wide range of weed control & lawn care services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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