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Serviced Nematode Release

Serviced Nematode Release


Serviced Nematode Release

We take the hard work out of you nematode release.

  • Will require 1 – 3 visits to your home.
  • We collect, infect and release your millipedes for you.
  • Long term benefits of millipede reduction.
  • You need to have more than an acre of land.

Nematodes can only be release in April, May & June. 

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If you don’t have time or would like us to take care of the hard work involved in a nematode release at your property we have a service nematode release option.

This means we will infect your millipedes for you and then release them around your property.

This service will require 1-3 visits depending on the property layout and millipede fluctuations.


Nemtaodes can only be released from April – June and you must have over an acre in property. 


25kms from CBD, 50kms from CBD, 75km from CBD, 100kms from CBD


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