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Get Weed Free This Winter!

Get Weed Free This Winter!

Get Weed Free This Winter!

Perth’s early rains have brought with them an explosion of weeds!

Weed Free | Garden Bed Weeds | Envirapest
Do you want your garden to be weed free?

We are in for a massive weed season this year and a lot of our lawns are suffering. We can treat your lawns for broad leaf weeds including bindii and oxalis (clover).

Did you know that Envirapest uses the ONLY product on the market that is safe for buffalo lawns? Treat now and your lawns will be looking fabulous for summer.

Our treatments include:

  • Full lawn treatment
  • All garden beds treated for general weeds
  • All paved areas & driveways treated for general weeds
  • Any invasive couch grass treated in garden beds

Our treatments are priced between $165 – $295 (depending on the size of your lawn).

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