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WNational Pest Manager of the year 2019/20Millipede Traps! True ‘Chemical Free’ Pest Control

Millipede Traps! True ‘Chemical Free’ Pest Control

Millipede Traps! True ‘Chemical Free’ Pest Control

Millipede Trap | Chemical Free Pest Control | Envirapest

Millipede Light Traps

True ‘Chemical-Free’ Pest Control

Pest control is more than just chemicals. Over the past few years the Envirapest team has been developing, testing & re-testing our very own Portuguese millipede trap. They trap millipedes like nothing else on the market.  They are completely chemical free & built for Australian conditions.

These millipede light traps are a great stand alone control option. Or even better, used in conjunction with more traditional chemical treatments.

This high quality, patented trap, can be purchased as a battery operated portable LED unit & come in 3 different colours. Millipede light traps are able to be set up outside under verandas, patios, sheds or even out in the garden. Once the millipedes are caught, they can be easily disposed. The light attracts the millipedes – drawing them away from entry points and windows.

The LED lights under the hood, attract the millipedes. The millipede light traps have custom built ramps. The millipedes fall into the light trap and are unable to get back out. How you ask? Due to the unique plastic base we have incorporated into the light trap. The millipedes simply cant get a grip on the light trap walls. These traps are designed to last and able to be re-used year after year after year.

These traps are designed to last and able to be re-used every season. You can also co-ordinate the Colorbond colour range to match your home or shed.

  • Chemical Free Control Option
  • Quality Fittings
  • No Assembly Required
  • Portable LED
  • Battery Operated
  • Hard Wearing & Weather Proof
  • Customisable Colorbond Colour Range
  • Family & Pet Friendly

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Comments (2)

  1. Avatar
    May 6, 2017

    How much are your traps?
    What are the colour options?
    What type of battery and how many?
    Do you have them in stock?

    • Avatar
      May 6, 2017

      Hi Essa,

      Thanks for you comments – you can find all of the information you are looking for under the millipede heading – light traps. The traps come in three Colorbond colours and are $195 including shipping. We have plenty in stock – depending on the colour. You can buy online through our store. If you need any further information please email us at safe@envirapest.com. Have a great evening!

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