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Perth Termite Inspections – Why you need one!

Perth Termite Inspections – Why you need one!

Perth Termite Inspections – Why you need one!

This week has been an extremely busy week carrying out termite treatments on properties that have had active termites. There is nothing more distressing than finding termites (white ants) invading your home. They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and the sadly, most of this damage can be prevented and picked up early with proper termite management.

The recommendation is to have your home inspected for termites annually. With regular inspections any areas of concern can be highlighted and rectified before they become a big problem. A lot of people believe that if they have a new home, brick and tile, that they aren’t at risk of termites – THIS IS A MYTH!

Just this week we carried out a treatment at a home that was only 4 years old. The home was built on a concrete slab and brick walls. They had a timber staircase inside the home and the client discovered the termites when they put there finger through the staircase handrail to find it was eaten out inside.

Front shot of a house in Perth afflcited by termites.
Handrail from a house in Perth that's plagued by termites.
Termites have eaten there way through a portion of this handrailing in this Perth house.

After more investigation it was found that the termites had entered the house through various cracks in the concrete slab – even though the house had supposedly had an termite barrier in place. They had come up through the kitchen cupboards and then found their way into the staircase. The house needed an intensive and costly termite treatment – with ongoing 3 monthly inspections to ensure the problem is under control.

Termite activity at the edge of a property slab in Perth
Termite activity at the edge of a property slab in Perth
interior cupboard showing termite activity in a house in Perth

Termite Barriers aren’t 100% Effective

Even if you have an termite barrier in place – termite inspections should still be carried out. Like anything, the termite barrier is only as good as the person who installed it. Termite inspections cost a $220 – $250 per year to give you piece of mind and keep your home safe. This is a small price to pay to protect your biggest investment. Did you know – your insurance company won’t cover you for termite damage?

Termite inspections are the home owners responsibility – book yours today to make sure your home isn’t under attack!