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Rodents are on the Move

Rodents are on the Move

Rodents are on the Move

The cooler weather has meant we have has a large increase in the number of rat & mice jobs that we have been attending. Cooler weather means these pesky critters are coming into roof voids to escape the cold. Rodents can cause damage to insulation and electrical wiring as well as creating a lot of noise! Once inside they can be difficult to get rid off and are on the search for food.

There is nothing worse than sitting on the lounge and seeing a mouse scurry across the floor! Here are our top tips to help keep your home rodent free this winter:

  • Check the exterior of your home – A mouse can sneak through a hole, no bigger than a dollar coin! When examining the walls of your home check to see if there are any visible holes, especially near guttering and down pipes. Tiled roofs can be particularly easy for rodent access if there are any cracked tiles. Seal any holes that you might find & replace any cracked tiles.
  • Trim away branches – Any overhanging branches and trees can act like a ladder from vegetation to your roof. Keep trees will trimmed and remove over hanging branches. Not only does this help protect against rodents but it also helps prevent over insects gaining access to your home and lowers your fire risk.
  • Focus on doors and windows – If you plan on leaving your doors and windows open, you should fit them with screens and ensure existing screens are free from tears. Weatherstripping and door seals should also be in good condition.
  • Put screens on vents – Not every hole can be plugged up. Some are there for a reason like air vents. Keep these covered with mesh screens to prevent access.
Rodents can become a big problem in your home very quickly
Rodents can become a big problem very quickly!
Rodents store food and nest in the insulation up in the roof of your home.
Rodents store food and nest in insulation
Rodents are adept at hiding in plain sight.
Hiding under a roof tile in Perth!

Sometimes, even when preventative measures are taken, rodents can still get into your home and cause havoc. In these cases it may be time to call in the professionals! We have a variety of different baits and products we can use to keep your home rodent free while keeping your family and pets safe.

If you would like more information about our rodent treatments, please click here.

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