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How To Get Rid Of Mice and Rats In Your Home and Garden

How To Get Rid Of Mice and Rats In Your Home and Garden

How To Get Rid Of Mice and Rats In Your Home and Garden

How to get rid of mice and rats | Envirapest

How To Get Rid of Mice and Rats in Your Home and Garden

What you can do to stay rodent free this winter.

2017 has been an unusual year with unexpected heavy rains in January and one of the driest Autumn’s on record. This has caused unusual waves in different pests as breeding cycles have been disturbed. It appears that winter has finally arrived and as the temperature cools off  – mice and rats are on the move – INSIDE.

In search of food, shelter and warmth your nice warm home is an inviting place to set up shop. Apart from being noisy they get into food, destroy carpets and electrical wiring and cause problems for many homeowners across Perth.

We receive hundreds of rodent jobs each year.
How to get rid of mice and rats | Envirapest
They leave droppings…
How to get rid of mice and rats | Envirapest
Damage carpets…
How to get rid of mice and rats | Envirapest
Even destroy plants!
So what can you do?

Peppermint Oil – Peppermint oil is a great natural way to deter mice and rats from your home. Dab some oil onto cotton balls and place them in areas that you know these critters are frequenting (pantry, behind the fridge etc). The oil will dissipate over time so you will need to reapply. This chemical free control option is also safe for around your pets and little humans.

Hygiene – Keeping your home neat and tidy is a great preventative for all pests – not just rodents. Make sure all of your food is stored in containers and keep your kitchen clean after you cook a meal. Pet food is also a huge attractant for mice and rats. Make sure you clean up any left over pet food and keep it stored in containers when not in use.

Block Entry Points – If you have mice and rats already in your home, they’re getting in from somewhere. Try to plug up any holes they might be using for entry points with things like gap filler. These guys are incredibly sneaky and can get through the tiniest of holes.

Stay Weed Free – Ensuring your garden is tidy will also help in the fight against rodents. Mice and rats hate being exposed so if your gardens are weed free and lawn cut short this will help in making your home less attractive. Trim back any branches that may be hanging over your roof – creating a bridge for easy access. Remember  – we can help you with your garden weeds!

Call In the Professionals – Sometimes, no matter what steps you take, calling in a professional pest controller may be the best option for your home. With the knowledge and experience that we have we are able to safely bait your home to give you the relief you are searching for. We have access to quality products that have no-secondary poisoning effects as well as tamper proof bait stations to keep your pets and little humans safe.  Not only can we ensure you get rid of the problem, we can ensure they will stay gone!

For more information on how our rodent treatments click here.

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