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Termite Protection, Inspections & The Holy Grail..

Termites. White ants. Call them what you will. Bottom line – they devour timber and destroy precious property in Western Australia every single day. Chances are, your’re contacting Envirapest for two termite reasons. One – You need to arrange a termite inspection – Or Two – You’ve found live termites. Either way – your online with your head down, bum up, googling away madly, searching for that holy grail in termite protection companies. Enter reality – 101 Perth pest control companies, 101 termite treatment options & 101 long lost minutes you’ll never see again. We get it.

Seen One. Seen Them All..

Shhhh… You haven’t. We’re not -“Them All”. We’ve been in the termite business a long time, seen “em” come and watched many of “em” go.  The majority of Perth pest control companies now insert the life cycle of termites, followed by the damage bill they cause, followed by home insurance not covering termite damage.. & So on. Basically, the scary bit…! But we know your smarter than that. Much smarter.

Experienced, termite pest managers don’t require “the scary” selling tactics. Envirapest appreciate your time and wont waste it – We don’t send out salesman in suits. Envirapest staff – quote the job – then do it. If you have a termite problem – we’ll fix it. Need a termite inspection booked – We’ll book it. How about an honest opinion at the end of a phone line or email? We have oneTermite protection and control is not complicated to us, its what we do throughout Perth everyday – The friendly way.

You Name It. We Do It.

Envirapest are fully licenced, insured & our environmental approach separates us from an oversized pack. We offer everything termite related to Perth and its surrounding suburbs – including:

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