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Perth Nematodes – The Natural Millipede Defence

Perth Nematodes – The Natural Millipede Defence

Perth Nematodes – The Natural Millipede Defence

Perth Nematodes. The Trials. The Early Days… 

Our Perth nematodes & trials have been outstanding to say the least. Below is how natures “little helper” .. helped a particular family in Chittering.

This particular family live in Chittering. They had a severe millipede infestation that they had been battling over the past few years. They live on a two acre bush block that has a mix of sandy soil, rocky areas and mulched garden beds. Millipedes were descending on the home in their thousands – daily.


Millipedes swarming in huge numbers in a Perth suburb

To control the millipedes the owner of the property had set up decoy light traps himself but was still having to sweep or blower vac the verandah TWICE a day. Each morning they were sweeping up over 50 millipedes from INSIDE the house! The family were very conscious of what pesticides they used around their home as they have a large pond area with fish, frogs and even some turtles!

These millipedes were captured on the 18th April 2015 & released with nematodes the following day.

Scientists testing Nematodes as an effective way to prevent Millipedes in Perth
Preparing for the nematodes in the early trials…
Scientists putting Nematodes as an effective way to prevent Millipedes in Perth
In go the nematodes! Not actually visible unless you have microscopes for eyes…
Petri dish testing Nematodes to control Millipedes.
The nematodes doing their thing…
Nematodes being released into the ground to test their ability to control Millipede numbers.
Off they go! Not for long though….

The Release.. The Start.

We released over 400 infected millipedes onto the property in various locations. Over the next few weeks the numbers of millipedes seen at the house dramatically reduced. (we almost thought it was too good to be true) – Quote.

Emailed – Three weeks from initial release (5th of May).

“Since releasing the Nematode infected Millipedes, the weather has been clear, no rain, and we have only seen one or two after their release. Last night was a normal night with lights on throughout our home, and we have genuinely only had 2 millipedes inside. Before leaving for work today I did a walk around the verandah’s outside and counted only 10 to 20 millipedes, so here’s hoping the nematodes are taking effect.”

Now comes the good part…

A month after the initial release we had a steady weekend of rain (around the 17th of May). This type of weather normally sees the millipedes come out in force.

“Last night after the heavy rains we only had 5 or so  millipedes invade the house which is a great sign. Outside there would only have been 20 – 30 on the verandah!”

Two months after the initial release.

Its June. Envirapest carry out another inspection, and get a follow up email from the trial site.

“Just thought we would send a quick email update to advise we have only seen a few millipedes around the verandah after some very good rain and just 2 – 3 indoors over the past few months. All looks to be going well. Have a great  day, tell Mark we should have a drink”

Fewer millipedes after rains in Perth thanks to Nematodes
Even after heavy weekend rain the millipedes are kept at bay!

The Conclusion..

Individual results are going to vary from property to property. That’s granted. However, each Envirapest trial carried out over the past years have shown a dramatic decrease in millipede populations. Perth nematodes & releases are not the over night fix, its really important to remember – They are the long time one. Our WA trials & results, along with the research in South Australia, strongly advice releasing nematodes in following years.