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Perth Pest Control – Envirapest

So lets talk about Perth pest control…

Ants, red back spiders & cockroaches. The top three celebrities in a Perth pest controllers daily diary. At home here in Perth, pest control has the odd challenge. Well… maybe more than the odd challenge. So, when your choosing who to spend your pay cheque with, choose wisely and do your research. Not all Perth Pest control companies are the same. Not all use the safest products on the market. Not all do the pest research and training that Envirapest carries out with each and every technician before they pull on the Envirapest colours either.

Each pest, each home and each client require different approaches and methods of application. Who wants an under trained ‘she’ll be right mate’ type of technician knocking at their front door? No one. If your family or business have made the decision, like a lot of Perthians, to employ a Perth pest control company to help, why not choose the most awarded, safest, and cost effective company Perth has to offer. Check out our ‘real reviews’ online, call, or email us for all your questions today. We’re always happy to chat.

All Envirapest services are guaranteed & warranted.

As a far as the Perth pest control world goes, there simply nothing Envirapest doesn’t cover. Here’s a small example of pests we are treating everyday: Redback spiders, whitetail spiders, millipedes, coastal brown ants, sugar ants, white footed house ants, cockroaches including German cockroaches and American cockroaches, mosquitoes & midges, wasps and bees, silverfish, caterpillars and cape lilac caterpillars & moths, fleas & ticks, crickets, bed bugs, all pantry pests and pantry moths, white wax scale, mole crickets and lawn beetles to name a few.

Treatment Areas.. The Where & What.

Treating the externals of each home and office is a little different. As we mentioned earlier, Perth pest control can get a little tricky at times, and each building comes with its own unique challenges. That said,  here’s an idea of areas generally treated – Windows frames, door frames, eaves, gutters & down pipes, alfresco & pergolas, outdoor furniture, play equipment & cubby houses, sheds – inside & out, bins, letterboxes, pool & perimeter fencing, washing lines, paved areas and garden beds. Its really important to note that we customise each treatment to its specific needs. Its not the 60s – There’s no need to hire a hotel room and move out for a few nights. Our products are water based, odourless & the treatment is dry before we go through the paperwork at your front door. And yes – the family pets are safe too.

Treatment areas inside the property.

Without trying to sound like a broken record, each home & office interior pest treatment is again – different. However, here is a little bit of general treatment information on the areas we treat inside an average building. Roof voids, skirting boards & cornices, linen – kitchen & bathroom cupboards, doorways & frames, carpet edging, window sills, vents & ceiling fans, behind fridges, dishwashers & bin areas. Its very important to remember that all treatments vary greatly depending on the type of pest we are treating. This affects the type of product we use & the areas product is applied. Often, we are very targeted with our applications and less product can often mean a better result is reached.

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